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Show Reviews and Testimonials

Jay Spicer, Manager,
Martin County Fair, Stuart, Florida
Ron Balcom, Entertainment Dir.
Collier County Fair, Naples FL

”Bob is very easy to work with and puts on some great shows for all the families. We will always have him as a part of our events.”     - Mark Lovell , Universal Fairs and Expos, TN

“Bob has a great show that kids love and families love. We get a ton of compliments So year after year when we talk about who should we bring back, Bob is one of those guys we want and NEED for a successful event”

 - Brian Ellsworth, Georgia State Fair

"Bob did a great job for us. All of our fair goers enjoyed his act 

Skip Nichols - Exchange Club Fair of SW Georgia

“I just love him.”

- Shelley, Bob’s wife, Racine, WI

 “I would recommend this (The Farmily Feud Show) in any kind of agricultural situation to bring the families into the farm”

- Sylvia Walters, Pipestone Discovery Barn

“This was Bob’s 2nd year here, I highly recommend him. He’s energetic and gets the kids in there…

we’re bringing him back for a 3rd year and we’ll keep him until he retires”

 - Scott Wick, Sioux Empire Fair, SD

“It was sooo much fun…I liked the questions. YEA, FARMILY FEUD!”  - Kids reactions, Sioux Empire Fair

"You're awesome!"

         - 7 year old boy, Columbus Co Fair, NC

He’s the “Pied Piper” of the little kids… It was a huge success bringing him in…And any fair that’s looking for somebody would be glad to have him because he did a wonderful job for us this year.

- Craig Mandley - Oneida County Fair, Wis.

What can I say Bob is one of the hardest working entertainers weve ever had. Youre a fool if you dont hire him.”

 Miles Mueller, Delta Fair & Music Fest, Memphis, TN

“We were able to hire Bob and not have to hire another entertainment because he brought his game show as well as his magic show, so it was very economical that way.”

- Ron Kubarek, Sawyer County Fair, Wis

“Bob’s a great guy to work with, we loved having him. The kids get involved, the families get involved, its just a wonderful show and product to give to the patrons that come to your fair.”

- Lanny Simpson, Jackson County Fair, IA

“Not only did we get rave reviews from lots of people at the festival but glowing praise for the free programs you did at both the school and nursing home. I am impressed!”    - Alan Bates, Sumpter Country Festival, MI

“I’ve gotten several comments from children’s parents that their children went to school and talked about him and they came back the next night all excited. So you’re missing out if you don’t book him”

                  - Pat Lee, Exec. Dir. E.C.A. Fair, Florence, SC

“Every time I came by your stage there never was enough bleachers for the crowd you were drawing.

Next time you come back we’ll prepare a little better and have you enough seating.”

- Bill McKinley, Rock Island County Fair, IL

“Bob always does a really good job. All I hear from the kids and parents, is how great his shows are.

Even the teenagers like it. Every time I pass by he has terrific crowds”.    - Jim Foss, Goodhue County Fair, MN

“I highly recommend him, You will not be disappointed”    - Pete Poe, Exec Dir.

                       Missouri Assoc. of Fairs & Festivals

“He creates a lot of laughs and good times for the kids. And that’s what it’s all about at our fair,

making sure we have entertainment for family fun and that’s what Bob’s all about.”

- Doug Miller, Mgr. National Cattle Congress, Waterloo, Iowa

“What a great show, my daughters are some of my toughest critics because they’ve seen it all. But they counted the minutes until your next performance.”   - Shannon Lundgren, Mgr. Dubuque County Fair, IA

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