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About Me

"I consider myself an entertainer first. So it doesn't matter whether its my magic shows or game shows, as long as people are enjoying themselves, being entertained and having fun, I've done my job."


For Wisconsin native Bob Bohm it all started with a magic kit he received for his 10th birthday. Now, many years later, he performs all over the country as a full time magician, MC and Game Show host.


Bob, performs year round for a variety of different audiences and events --- fairs, festivals, trade shows, parties, corporate events, even schools, libraries and the occasional Cub Scouts.


His shows are a combination of amazing magic, comedy, skits, games, music, and fun. His interaction with the audience is an integral part of his shows. Whether it’s a demonstration of mentalism or something as surprising as sawing a person in half, the audience is always part of the spectacle.


In addition his interactive game shows, the “Survivor Family Game Show” and the new “Farmily Feud” Ag program, bring competition and audience participation to a whole new level.


With games and magic, Bob guarantees everyone will have fun, laugh, be amazed, and thoroughly entertained.

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